How to Choose a Christmas Theme

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When it comes to holiday decorations, Christmas is king. Each year, people spend hundreds of dollars decorating their homes with the latest decorations. Usually this means that they end up with a mishmash of styles. Wouldn’t it be nice to choose a theme this year? After all, a Christmas theme allows your home to be whimsical, yet elegant. The only real dilemma is deciding which theme to choose. Thankfully, this is made easy when you follow a few steps.


Step 1

Consider your family. How old are your children? Believe it or not, this really will play a big part in deciding which Christmas theme you choose. If your children are still fairly young, you want to choose a Christmas theme that revolves around the whimsical side of the holiday. For example, a Santa Claus theme would be both fun for the kids and adults. If your children are older, you may want to choose a religious theme, which helps them focus on the true meaning of the holiday. Remember that decorations should be fun for the entire family, so choose your theme carefully.

Step 2

Think about what your want to express. Do you want your home to give off a feeling of childhood joy or elegance? Any Christmas theme can be made to seem elegant, yet fun for the whole family. It all depends on which decorations you choose. For example, figurines of Santa Claus, painted by a famous artist, would be both whimsical, yet elegant.

Step 3

Avoid mixing styles. In order for a Christmas theme to look elegant, you should avoid mixing styles. Instead, choose one style and stick with it. What this means is if you want an elegant looking home, you shouldn't sneak in cheap decorations. It’s better to keep the decorations simple than to add poor quality pieces.

Step 4

Choose a color scheme. One of the simplest ways to choose a Christmas theme is to choose a color scheme. For example, red and green are very traditional, but you can choose any colors you want. A quick look in the Christmas department will show you that holiday colors have come a long way. You can now find rich purples and blues. Both of which give your home a very elegant look.

Step 5

Keep it personal. A Christmas theme should express the feelings that you and your family have about Christmas. This shouldn’t be something to impress the neighbors or to win a prize. Instead, it should be a theme that truly means something to you and your family.

Tips and Warnings

The age of your children will also determine whether or not breakable decorations are a good idea. Simple always equals elegant. Try combining new Christmas colors with traditional ones.

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Photo by: Kerry A Adamo

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