How to Make Popcorn String

A popcorn string is an old-fashioned way to decorate for Christmas. A family or couple can make a popcorn string together and then use it to decorate a Christmas tree or use it as a garland in some other part of the house. But because popcorn is fairly fragile, there is a right way and a wrong way to create beautiful popcorn strings.


Step 1

Pop some popcorn. The best method for this is to use an air popper so that the popcorn will be free of oil and will not degrade as quickly. It will also not attract the dirt and insects that oil and butter can attract. Pop plenty of popcorn to allow for broken kernels during the stringing process.

Step 2

Allow the popcorn to sit for a day or two for better results. Stale popcorn is tougher and will be less likely to crumble when it is threaded.

Step 3

Thread a large needed with whatever color thread you want to use. A smaller needle will not be tough enough to get through the kernel. If you want the thread to match the popcorn, use a white or off-white thread. For a more festive Christmas look, use red thread. Red will contrast with the green of the tree and make a nice representation of the traditional Christmas colors.

Step 4

Use the needle to push through the middle of each piece of popcorn. A very tough piece may not work well, but most kernels should be able to hold the thread. Move each kernel of popcorn down to the end of the thread before starting with the next piece. A few pieces may break in the process, but eventually you will have a popcorn string of whatever length you choose. When the chosen length is completed, tie a knot in the end of the string to keep the popcorn in place.

Tips and Warnings

When Christmas is over, placing the popcorn string outside will make the neighborhood birds very happy.

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