How to Make a Gingham Christmas Wreath

Gingham wreath

A homey, rustic gingham wreath adds a sweet, country feel to your Christmas decor. This wreath requires minimal sewing, and can be completed with a hot glue gun instead of a needle and thread if you prefer. Make several for an original wall display or give them to friends and neighbors as a holiday gift.


Step 1

Cut multiple "leaves" and two "wreaths" out of the cardboard. The leaves can be any size you want, but make sure that they are simple leaf shapes like the one in the picture. The number that you will need will depend on the size of your wreath. You can start out with about 30, then make more if you need to. The wreaths should be the same size, and have about 3 inches of cardboard between the outside and the inside hole.

Step 2

Glue the cardboard circles together. Use plenty of glue so that they hold securely.

Step 3

Glue a small wad of cotton to the top of each cardboard leaf. The more cotton you use, the fluffier your leaves will be. Keep one leaf separate to use as a pattern for your gingham.

Step 4

Cut out as many gingham leaves as you have cardboard leaves. Your gingham leaves should be about half an inch larger on all sides than the cardboard leaves are. This will give you enough cloth to fold around the cardboard and the cotton to make gingham "leaves."

Step 5

Glue the gingham leaves around the cardboard leaves. Use plenty of glue around the edges of the fabric to make sure that the cotton does not escape.

Step 6

Glue the leaves to the cardboard wreath base. Start at the top and glue downward. The leaves should all point or slant in roughly the same direction. They should overlap slightly so that the cardboard frame is completely covered.

Step 7

Stick the berry sprigs in among the gingham leaves. You can glue them in or use the needle and thread to sew a few loops around the stems of the berries.

Step 8

Finish off the wreath with a red bow. If you are using thick red ribbon, then you can tie it around the edge of the wreath. If you are using thin ribbon, then tie the bow separately and either glue or sew it on. Now, you are ready to hang your wreath on the door for a holiday decoration.

Things You'll Need

Gingham scraps (Christmas colors), Corrugated cardboard, Cotton, Red berry sprigs, Red ribbon, Needle, Thread, Scissors, Glue

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