How to Make a Tinsel-Filled Tree Ornament

Tinsel-filled ornaments are just the thing for those who love the glitter and shine of the holidays. These adorable ornaments may be quick and easy to assemble, but they make a big impact when hung on the tree or displayed in decorative baskets tucked among evergreens.


Step 1

Purchase clear glass or plastic Christmas balls in the size you desire. Select tinsel for the inside of the ball. Consider cutting sections of decorative garland, curling ribbon or finely shredded foil wrap. Choose ribbon to complement or contrast with the tinsel. Select small embellishments such as cones, berries, lace or dried flowers.

Step 2

Remove the top of the ornament and insert the desired amount of tinsel. Shake gently to distribute the tinsel or use a pencil to arrange the tinsel inside the ball. Be sure the tinsel is loosely packed and fluffy for the best appearance. Replace the top of the ornament and attach a decorative cord for hanging. Glue the cap in place, if preferred.

Step 3

Consider the contents of the ball and the desired effect before choosing embellishments; a bow matching the color of the tinsel will provide a bold splash of color. Add sprigs of evergreens, cones or dried berries for a traditional Christmas ornament. Dip miniature balls or cones into glitter and add as embellishments for lots of shine.

Step 4

Hang from the Christmas tree or display on wreaths and swags. Create a dramatic display on a mantle with evergreens and tinsel-filled balls. Add lighted candles. Place tinsel-filled ornaments in baskets of evergreens and tuck into tight spaces to provide sparkle and shine.

Step 5

String tinsel-filled ornaments on a cord and suspend over windows or archways to catch and reflect light. Vary the length of the cords to create a staggered effect. Wrap evergreen garland around stair banisters and add tinsel-filled ornaments for a touch of color.

Tips and Warnings

Fill balls with shredded Styrofoam to simulate snow and embellish with tiny cones and red ribbons to celebrate a white Christmas. Fill with rose petal potpourri and tie up with rose-colored ribbons and lace to add romance you any gathering. Let children help by filling the balls and hanging. Always use plastic balls when working with young children.

Things You'll Need

Clear glass/plastic balls, Colored tinsel, Ribbon, Embellishments, Florist wire, Hot glue gun/glue sticks

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