How to Make a Holiday Hearth Kindling Arrangement

A seasonal hearth arrangments will keep your fireplace looking festive all season, even if the weather is too warm for a real fire image by,

A holiday hearth kindling arrangement is practical as well as decorative. You can make these arrangements with kindling you gather yourself, or use purchased logs that burn with beautiful rainbow colored flames. These arrangements will be appreciated throughout the holidays and far beyond as the receivers of these gifts use them to start cozy fires throughout the winter months.


Step 1

Arrange the 6 logs in a pyramid. Use thin lines of hot glue to hold them together. You do not need to use excessive amounts of glue because this arrangement needs to break apart if someone wants to use the kindling. It should not take more than about a minute for the glue to dry.

Step 2

Tie the red felt ribbon around the pyramid. Make a large, pretty bow. You may wish to use wire-edged ribbon to make the bow hold its shape better. If you wish, hold the ribbon in place with several spots of glue. As before, do not use too much glue.

Step 3

Accent the bow with the silk poinsettia flowers, cinnamon sticks and evergreen sprigs. You can use more glue to hold these in place. They will make your arrangement smell wonderful and make it look festive for the holiday season. Do not stint on the accents, as they will make your arrangement appear fuller and give a room more holiday spirit.

Step 4

Give a friend, neighbor or loved one your holiday hearth arrangement. They will enjoy the Christmas spirit it adds to their home decorating and appreciate the thought and hard work that went into the project.

Tips and Warnings

These holiday hearth arrangements make good fundraisers and also are a good craft for kids since they can go out and collect the kindling before making the arrangement. If you are working with children, consider using craft glue instead of hot glue even though it takes a little longer to set up. If you are using wood that you collected outside, make sure that it does not have bugs or other critters living in or on it before you bring it inside. Do not burn the accessories on the kindling arrangement, just the kindling itself.

Things You'll Need

6 small kindling sticks (not more than 1 1/2 inch long), Hot glue gun, Thick red felt ribbon, Silk poinsettia flowers, Evergreen sprigs, Cinnamon sticks

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