How to Make Snowflakes

Christmas is a wonderful time of year! Making your own decorations can save you money and bring back into your home that familiar Christmas spirit when things seem simple and life is happy. Follow these steps to make the ultimate Christmas snowflake.


Step 1

Take a piece of tissue paper and fold the top corner down so its outer edge lines up with the inner edge of the other side. If you have a perfectly square piece of paper, fold one corner to the opposite corner so that it forms a perfect triangle.

Step 2

Cut off any excess paper so you are left with a triangle.

Step 3

Fold the triangle again (as many times as you like) so that you create a "binding" edge on one side.

Step 4

Begin cutting designs into your triangle. You can cut whatever designs you like, but the more intricate they are, the more amazing they will look once unfolded. Make sure not to cut the very tip of the binding, otherwise your snowflake will fall apart.

Step 5

Cut as many shapes as you can into the snowflake, such as diamonds, triangles of different sizes, lines, swirly lines, circular shapes, shapes that are not geometric and shapes with curves. This will make for an amazing snowflake.

Step 6

Repeat Steps 1 through 5 with various materials, such as construction paper or holiday fabrics (silver, sparkly, red, green or printed with holiday images).

Step 7

Glue the edges of the fabric with a thin strip of child-safe white glue so they do not fray.

Step 8

Add sequins or glitter to give your snowflakes that extra shine.

Step 9

Tape the snowflakes to your windows. Or, tie a string to the tip of each snowflake and hang them on your tree, or from your ceiling or archways.

Step 10

Hang white Christmas lights behind the snowflakes in your windows to make them glow.

Tips and Warnings

Make snowflakes of different sizes, materials and colors. Try decorating your tree with just white lights and homemade cloth snowflakes. Don't let kids make snowflakes unsupervised. Kids need help using scissors to avoid cutting themselves.

Things You'll Need

Tissue paper (various colors), Construction paper (various colors), Fabric (various colors), Scissors, Sequins, Glitter, Child-safe white glue, String, Tape, Christmas lights

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