How to Make a Christmas Table Topper

Every table in the house should be decorated for Christmas, not just the dining room. Show all your guest that you pay attention to even the smallest of details with your Christmas decorating. Decorate your little lamp tables with this great topper. This no sew project is easy enough for anyone to do and yet looks like you bought it in a store. You can make this project in about an hour and make a big impression on everyone.


Step 1

Measure the circumference of your lamp table. Center a red tablecloth on the table and mark out the table top with a piece of chalk.

Step 2

Cut out a piece of green felt to look like a wreath with the measurements from your table. Glue it on the outline of the top of the table.

Step 3

Take some thin gold ribbon and glue it around the wreath twisting it and moving it around from one side to the other to look like garland on a wreath.

Step 4

Glue on some small pine cones and beads around the wreath. Lightly spray on some glue and sprinkle a small amount of glitter over the wreath.

Step 5

Place the tablecloth back on the table and put the lamp in the center of the wreath.

Things You'll Need

Red tablecloth, Chalk, Felt, Fabric glue, Gold ribbon, Glitter, Spray glue, Small pine cones, Beads

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