How to Put Ornaments on a Christmas Tree

Whether you do it the day after Thanksgiving or procrastinate until Christmas Eve, sooner or later it will be time to drag out your cherished Christmas tree ornaments, so you can decorate your Christmas tree. Learning how to put ornaments on a Christmas tree is easy and your technique will improve each year.


Step 1

Prepare your pallet. Arrange the tree so that the best side of the tree is positioned to show the most. Any bare spots in the tree are best camouflaged by pointing them toward the wall.

Step 2

Apply the lights, garland, or strands of beads to your Christmas tree, before adding any other decorations.

Step 3

Remove all of your ornaments from their protective packaging and sort them by similar features, such as color and size. Arrange the sorted piles on the floor so that all the ornaments are easily viewable.

Step 4

Decide whether you will use hooks or ribbon to attach your ornaments to your Christmas tree. Using ribbons will create a more elegant finish. Using hooks will provide a more secure attachment.

Step 5

Start putting your ornaments on the Christmas tree using the largest ornaments first. Add them to the tree in evenly spaced intervals. Take care to place some of the ornaments deeper into the branches and some at the ends of the branches. This will add depth to your display.

Step 6

Apply the rest of the ornaments to your Christmas tree. Continue adding them in evenly spaced intervals. Continue placing some deeply into the branches and some closer to the ends of the branches.

Step 7

Check your work. Darken the room and turn on the Christmas tree lights. Stand back and look for any large empty spaces amongst your ornament display or any areas where too many ornaments are clumped too closely together. Spread the ornaments out and fill in empty spots as needed.

Step 8

Apply the tree topper and tree skirt when you are satisfied with the look of your tree. There is nothing left to do now but wait for Santa!

Tips and Warnings

To use ribbons to attach your ornaments to the tree, loop a 2 to 3 inch section of ribbon through the hook holder on each ornament. Bring the ends of the ribbon together and tie them in a knot, creating a large secure loop to attach to the tree branches. For a pretty effect, finish the ends of the knot by creating a small bow.

Things You'll Need

Christmas tree, Ornament hooks or ribbon, Christmas tree ornaments

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