How to Hang Popcorn Christmas Garland

The Victorians loved to make Christmas decorations from delicious foods, then using those to adorn their homes. It's a tradition that can still be used today. Here is how you can hang Popcorn Christmas garland to beautify your home as well.


Step 1

Start from the top. If you need a ladder to reach the top of your tree, then get that quickly into place. You want to put the top end of the strand of popcorn garland in the highest place in back of your tree. You do not want the origin of the strand to be visible at the front of your tree. If you are decorating a tree that has both sides visible, then you probably want to try to throw the tip of the garland within the top branches somewhere where it can be disguised. You want a seemingly endless flowing garland.

Step 2

Wrap the garland around the tree from right to left. They should make a continuous circle. If you have someone to help you, simply have them stand on the opposite side of the tree. You can keep handing off the garland to one another, discussing how you are spacing the garland evenly on each side.

Step 3

Spread each strand of garland about 4 to 6 inches apart on each wrap around. You want a nice, steady flow to the bottom of the tree. If there are moments when 1 string of garland ends and another begins, try to disguise the switch. Marry both ends together within the branches of the tree. You want it to look seamless.

Step 4

Make sure that it stays the same length as you string it towards the bottom. It tends to get sloppier near the bottom, but it needs to be evenly spread. With popcorn garland, it's okay if you run out. You can always pop and string more with relative ease!

Step 5

Once the garland is hung, look for any flaws or problems in the stringing. Ornaments can usually be used to fix or cover any problems so that the tree is perfect. You have a beautiful start to your Christmas tree!

Tips and Warnings

Use small peices of popcorn garland whenever possible. It's very difficult to untangle a long strand of garland if they get mushed together. Have someone help in the hanging process. It gets it done twice as fast, and it is much easier on the decorator. Don't hang popcorn on a tree if you have cats or dogs, as they will destroy and devour it if given the opportunity. Be careful in stringing popcorn garland. It's far more delicate and fragile than traditional plastic kinds! Don't hang popcorn garland directly over lights on a tree. Read the lighting hazards on your pack of Christmas lights, and be aware of any precautions.

Things You'll Need

Popcorn Christmas garland, Tree, Doorway, Nails

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