How to Decorate a NY Giants Themed Christmas Tree

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Sports fanatics like to incorporate their favorite team into many aspects of their life. When Christmas approaches, fans of the New York Giants can turn a classic Christmas tradition into a New York Giants theme. With a few tricks and adjustments, your Christmas could be “Giant” this year. You can showcase this tree to other New York Giants fans, rival fans and the whole family as you gather together to celebrate the holiday with a new sports themed twist.


Step 1

String blue and white lights around the Christmas tree. Giants colors also feature red, but then the tree may look more American themed, so sticking to white and blue as the primary choice will represent the Giants better. The easiest way to do this is by purchasing separate sets of both white and blue Christmas lights.

Step 2

Alternate rows of lights between the white and blue. Set each row to blink and try to time it so that they blink on and off at the same time.

Step 3

Purchase an all-white tree if you are using a fake tree and use all blue lights as an alternative to the blue and white lights on a green tree.

Step 4

Top the Christmas tree with a replica mini New York Giants helmet. By replacing traditional fare with New York Giants memorabilia, you are clearly showcasing that this is a New York Giants tree (see Resources below).

Step 5

Make a few bags of popcorn and separate them in half. Use a bowl of water with food coloring to dye half of the popcorn blue. String together the popcorn, alternating the blue and white pieces, and wrap this popcorn around the whole Christmas tree.

Step 6

Purchase official New York Giants Christmas ornaments. You can get ball-shaped ornaments, player-shaped ornaments and even football-shaped ornaments to place around the tree. Mix these ornaments among your traditional Christmas ornaments (see Resources below).

Step 7

Create custom New York Giants ornaments of your own. This can be done by dressing a Santa Claus ornament in a mini Giants jersey or creating a small white and blue wreath with construction paper.

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