How to Make a Cinnamon Stick Holiday Vase

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A cinnamon stick vase is a wonderful smelling addition to your holiday decor. These little vases are easy to make and can be filled with real or fake flowers, dried herbs or other decorative items. They also make great teacher gifts, and a child of about six or older will be able to make the gift almost entirely by themselves.


Step 1

Place the rubber band around the middle of the tin can. It should fit tightly, and have very little "give" when you pull on it. Make sure that it lies flat against the surface of the can.

Step 2

Tuck cinnamon sticks into the rubber band around the can. Make sure that there is no room in between one stick and the next. As you continue to place the sticks under the rubber band, you will see that they obscure the label and the entire can. When you are done, you will appear to have a hollow bundle of cinnamon sticks. If you look down at the vase from above, you will be able to see the can inside the cinnamon bundle.

Step 3

Glue a length of ribbon over the rubber band. Use a piece just long enough that the ends overlap slightly. Spread a thin line of glue along the back of the ribbon to hold it in place. Do not use so much glue that it saturates the ribbon. Hold the ribbon in place until the glue sets up slightly.

Step 4

Tie a bow around the jingle bells. This will be your accent for the front of the vase. You can thread the ribbon through the bells before tying it or glue them to the back of the bow.

Step 5

Glue the bow to the front of the vase. Once all the glue has dried, you can fill your vase with anything you like. A tea candle placed in the bottom of the can will warm the cinnamon and bring out the scent, or you can carefully fill the can halfway with water--being careful not to get the cinnamon sticks wet--and then place live flowers in the vase.

Tips and Warnings

Alternate candy canes with the cinnamon sticks for an even more festive vase. If you place a candle in your vase, the can may become hot. Be careful when handling the vase after the candle has been burning.

Things You'll Need

Empty tin can, Thick rubber band, Cinnamon sticks 4" long or longer, Thin red velvet ribbon, Hot glue gun, Jingle bells, Scissors

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