How to Decorate a Bathroom for Christmas

Getting into the spirit of the Christmas season doesn't have to be as complicated as Scrooge's long adventure. Get your family into the spirit by spreading joy into the room where all must go every day: the bathroom!


Step 1

Buy a Christmas-scented air freshener. These are always appreciated in a bathroom. The smells of pines and peppermint flow from the freshener. The decorative look that most possess for the holidays is perfect, too.

Step 2

Put lights up all around two walls of your bathroom. However, you never want to do anything that poses a shock safety risk, so avoid stringing lights on the two walls that meet to form your shower or bathtub. Adorn the ceiling and side walls with blinking lights. Choose all blue lights to create more of a beach tone for the bathroom decor.

Step 3

Buy red, green or printed toilet paper. You'll be able to find a variety of printed toilet paper in most general stores around the holiday season. Some start carrying this as early as November.

Step 4

Put up a miniature Christmas tree on your bathroom cabinet. Pick a tree that isn't very intrusive. The tree is not the focal point of decor. It's simply a fun addition to the holiday-themed bathroom. Decorate it with either traditional Christmas decorations or a beach theme if you are going in that direction.

Step 5

Replace the toothbrushes of each family member with the colors of red and green. Alternate colors for toothbrushes. Mark the brushes with certain names if you have many family members that might confuse the color coordination.

Step 6

Use peppermint toothpaste for the holidays. This is a traditional taste of the season, and it will match your Christmas decor perfectly.

Tips and Warnings

Never put anything electric near the bathtub or the sink. This could pose a fatal health hazard.

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