How to Thread Popcorn for a Christmas Garland

If you are looking for a way to add a bit of nostalgia and sentimentality to your Christmas tree, threading popcorn for a Christmas garland is a great idea. The cost of creating this kind of traditional Christmas garland is next to nothing and the effect on the tree is well worth the time you will spend crafting your design.


Step 1

Set up a work station. To avoid spending the next several days digging broken pieces of popcorn out of your sofa cushions, it is a good idea to create your popcorn Christmas garland while sitting at a table. Clear the table of everything except the bowl of popcorn, a pair of scissors and your needle and thread.

Step 2

Pull approximately three feet of thread from the spool and cut it. You will be double threading the needle, so the working length will be half of whatever you cut from the spool. Keep this in mind and use a longer or shorter length of thread as you desire.

Step 3

Thread the needle in a double thread fashion. To do this, thread the needle and continue pulling the thread through until the needle is in the center of the length of thread. Grasp the ends of the thread and tie them together in a knot. The needle is now double thread.

Step 4

String the popcorn onto the thread by pushing the needle through the popcorn. Take care to guide the needle through the meatiest part of the piece of popcorn to prevent breaking the popcorn. Once the thread is through the popcorn, slide the popcorn down the thread until it reaches the knot at the end.

Step 5

Continue stringing the popcorn onto your Christmas garland until there is no room left on the thread.

Step 6

Tie the end of the thread into a knot to secure the last piece of the popcorn on the garland.

Step 7

Hang your popcorn garland on the Christmas tree and enjoy the decorative beauty it brings to your tree.

Tips and Warnings

Add color to your popcorn garland by including pieces of dried fruit every so often as you string the popcorn. Never leave a needle lying around. Don't let small children participate in the stringing of the popcorn. You can give them side jobs and let them "sample" the popcorn.

Things You'll Need

Large bowl of popcorn, Thread, Scissors, Sewing needle

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