How to Make Edible Garland for the Christmas Tree

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Back in the old days, people used to string popcorn to make garlands for their Christmas trees. The popcorn was edible, especially since many people prefer to eat stale popcorn. This tradition has paved way for some new and creative ways to make a garland for a Christmas tree that is also edible. For example, make garland out of button candy and let your 2-year old help. When you're done, you can try your hand at a string of hard candy. Theses strands of garland are as colorful as they are tasty.


Button Candy Garland

Step 1

Buy a bunch of candy button strips. You will need a lot, but they aren't expensive.

Step 2

Cut the candy button strips down the middle so you get two thinner strips out of the one thick strip.

Step 3

Take one strip of the candy buttons and fold it around in to a circle. Tape it closed.

Step 4

Take a second strip and loop it around the first candy button circle so that you make the beginning of a chain. Tape it closed.

Step 5

Repeat and continue looping a new strip around the previous strip until the chain is long enough to go around the Christmas tree.

Hard Candy Garland

Step 1

Buy a bunch of hard candies with colorful wrappers. Some good ones to try are butterscotch and peppermints. Try to find ones that have wrappings in Christmas colors, such as green, red and yellow.

Step 2

Arrange the hard candies in a pattern across the table. Each piece of candy is in between a wrapper that is twisted on each end. Beyond the twist is the remaining piece of the wrapper.

Step 3

Join one end of the wrapper with the end of the wrapper from the piece of hard candy next to it. Hold the two pieces together in your hand. Wrap the pieces together with a piece of ribbon and tie closed. If the ribbon's ends are too long you can cut the ribbon to size. Repeat this step until all of the hard candies are attached together with little pieces of ribbon.

Step 4

Hang the hard candy garland around your Christmas tree.

Tips and Warnings

You can staple the button candy ends together instead of using glue. Try thinking of some new ways you can make garland using foods you can eat.

Things You'll Need

Scissors, Tape, Ribbon, Button candy, Peppermint hard candies, Butterscotch hard candies, Any other hard candies with colorful wrappers

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