How to Get a Christmas Countdown for Myspace

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Remember back in Kindergarten when you made a paper chain to countdown to Christmas? It was so fun to tear off each chain link counting the days down to Christmas. MySpace profiles have become a part of daily life for millions of people. If you have a Myspace profile you can get a counter to share the countdown to Christmas with all your friends. Personalized counters are easy to find and easy to add to your profile.


Step 1

Point your web browser to a website with a countdown generator (see Resources).

Step 2

Enter the date your clock will count down to (December 25th and the year).

Step 3

Choose a background image from the website's selection or upload your own image. Some sites will automatically size your image to fit the countdown clock, but not all of them.

Step 4

Input text, choose text font, size and color, then click "Generate Code."

Step 5

Copy the code and paste it into a text document.

Step 6

Sign into your MySpace profile, then click "Edit Profile."

Step 7

Paste the code from the text file into the About Me box or in whichever box you'd like your countdown to appear, then "Save Changes."

Tips and Warnings

If you don't want to design your own clock, there are many website with pre-made countdowns available for Christmas and all other holidays and special occasions.

Things You'll Need

Internet, MySpace account

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