How to Find Classic Christmas Ornaments

One of the best parts about Christmas is decorating. Each year, stores around the country stock up on the newest ornaments. Not everybody wishes to buy these items, though. Many people prefer to use older ornaments when decorating their Christmas trees and other parts of their home. Don't worry if you haven't had any of these ornaments passed down to you from older family members.


Step 1

Contact local craft stores and attend craft fairs. Both smaller and big name craft stores will begin to stock classic Christmas ornaments in late October. You will mostly find vintage wooden Christmas ornaments in these craft stores. You could also contact those stores to learn about craft fairs in your area. These fairs sell classic Christmas ornaments twelve months out of the year.

Step 2

Visit antique stores. Larger antique shops will sell older Christmas ornaments all year long. Smaller shops will begin selling these items as the Christmas season approaches. You may wish to call these stores first to learn what classic Christmas ornaments they have in stock.

Step 3

Go through the ornaments located at Holiday Lane by Macy's. Macy's sells tons of vintage Christmas ornaments such as vintage bulbs, lights and tree toppers. The larger Macy's department stores will have more classic ornaments.

Step 4

Log onto the Christmas4ever website. Once there, you will see several different categories of antique Christmas ornaments. Click on one of those categories and more subcategories will appear. Choose one and you will see all kinds of classic Christmas ornaments. Hundreds of antique ornaments can be found and bought on Christmas4ever.

Step 5

Browse through the ornaments offered on the Mistletoe 'n Holly website. This site has a few pages worth of classic Christmas ornaments. Included are the “Shiny Brite” ornaments, reflector ornaments and pine cone light sets. Click on an ornament to learn more about it or on the “Order” tab to make your purchase.

Step 6

Buy classic Christmas ornaments off of eBay. Thousands of classic ornaments, lights and other Christmas decorations are available on eBay. To narrow your options while browsing, be specific when you search (i.e. type in “Vintage Charlie Brown ornament” if you are looking for old Peanuts ornaments). You can start off by using the link provided in the Resources section below.

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