How to Make Evergreen Bouquets

Evergreen bouquets bring a bit of nature inside for the holidays and provide a wonderfully pungent aroma that is reminiscent of the days when every home had a real tree. Gathered into large bundles and displayed in vases or baskets, these delightful evergreen bouquets are decorative and aromatic, delighting the senses and adding Christmas cheer.


Step 1

Gather an assortment of fresh evergreens. Balsam fir and pine are the traditional choices, but any evergreen will do. If you do not have access to evergreens, buy bundles of them at roadside vendors who sell wreaths and trees. Or, check with your local florist for availability of evergreen boughs.

Step 2

Select a basket for your display. Place a small bowl or other waterproof container inside the basket so that it rests just below the rim of the basket. Cut a piece of floral wet foam to fit the size of the container and insert the foam into the bowl. You want a tight fit here to keep the final bouquet stable.

Step 3

Remove the bowl with the floral foam in it and submerge in water until the floral foam is completely saturated. Remove bowl from water and dry the outside with a dry cloth. Position the bowl and saturated foam into the basket.

Step 4

Insert the cut end of the evergreen boughs into the floral foam to a depth of 2 inches. Arrange the boughs to create a full bouquet so that no floral foam is visible.

Step 5

Insert the cut end of red and white carnations into the floral foam, arranging them among the evergreen boughs.

Step 6

Attach the wire end of floral picks to pinecones or other decorative items, such as Christmas ornaments, and insert the wooden picks into the floral foam. Adding a tiny stuffed bear attached to a floral pick makes an adorable bouquet. Adjust the height by adjusting the length of wire on the pick. Wrap the wire tighter around the wooden pick to shorten, or unwrap further to lengthen.

Step 7

Add a red bow attached to a floral pick or tie a red ribbon to the handle of the basket. Water frequently and keep the floral foam wet at all times.

Tips and Warnings

Use any container that will hold water as a vase. Tiny metal buckets make striking containers for evergreens. To create a bouquet without floral foam, cut the boughs to the desired length and display in a vase of water.

Things You'll Need

Evergreen boughs, Basket, Small bowl, Florist wet foam, Pinecones (optional), Red ribbon, Florist picks, Small ornaments (optional), Red and white carnations

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