How to Make a Fuzzy Snowman Pillow

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Curl up this winter with a nice fuzzy pillow that looks just like a little snowman. The only thing that will melt when you bring him indoors is your heart because he is so cute. He is guaranteed to become your family's favorite pillow so you may want to make more than one. The following guidelines will teach you how to make this adorable craft project.


Step 1

Cut two pieces of white fuzzy material 17" x 13". Cut two black felt circles for eyes, five for his mouth and three larger ones for buttons. Cut a carrot shaped piece from the orange felt for his nose. Cut twig looking arms from the brown felt. Cut the fleece 5 inches wide and 38 inches long. If your fleece is not that long you can piece it together in the middle. It doesn't need to be exact either, so if you have 36 inches, that is fine.

Step 2

Sew the white pieces together. Put the fuzzy sides together and start about one third in on the bottom, sew all the way around leaving an opening of about one third in the center of the bottom. Turn right side out.

Step 3

Sew the fleece by folding in half so it is 2 1/2" x 38". Put the right sides of the material together (if you can tell the right side), and sew all the way up the long side. Turn right side out. Make a seam across both ends about 2 inches up. Make slits in the material from the end up to the seam every 1/2 inch. This is his scarf and you want the ends to look like fringe.

Step 4

Lay the white piece down and place his eyes, nose and mouth within the top 5 inches. Pin them into place. Use a whip stitch and sew them on. Then in the bottom between inches 7 and 12, sew on his buttons.

Step 5

Stuff the pillow with the polyfiberfill loosely. Hand sew the opening closed. Wrap his scarf around him at about 6 inches from the top. Tie it in a simple knot and pull it just tight enough to distinguish his head. Tack the scarf on at the knot so it doesn't come undone.

Step 6

Sew on his hat. pull the top together slightly and sew on around the bottom of a ski hat. Match the color to the scarf or use red and green for Christmas colors.

Step 7

Sew on his arms. Have them come around from the side seam to his belly and whip stitch them on. The placement of his arms has to be last so they are in proportion to his scarf and the bottom. This way you can also adjust the length. Now, he is ready to cuddle.

Things You'll Need

White fuzzy material, Polyfiberfill, Orange, black and brown felt, Christmas color fleece material, Ski hat, Sewing machine, Thread, Needle

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