How to Make a Reindeer From a Candy Cane

Candy cane reindeer are a great craft project; making them is an easy family or kid-friendly project, and they are affordable for anyone on a budget. Reindeer made from candy canes can decorate a Christmas tree and be used as gifts, table decorations and coffee/hot chocolate stirrers, in addition to any other holiday uses.


Step 1

Collect all of your needed items from your local craft store or retail store's craft section. You may have to head to the grocery store or retail store for the candy canes. To make enough candy cane reindeer, get several boxes of candy canes (any flavor will do) and enough brown or other color pipe cleaners (one per candy cane), plastic eyes and red fuzzy balls for a nose (any color will do, but remember that Rudolph's nose is red). Get craft glue or a hot glue gun so your decorations will stay put.

Step 2

Get creative. For a less-traditional candy cane reindeer, buy unique-colored candy canes, various color pipe cleaners and fuzzy balls and other types of decorations--clothing, shoes, hair, bow ties, hats or sports colors.

Step 3

Set out all of the materials to make a production line. This is especially helpful if a group of kids are creating the project. Line up the group of candy canes, followed by the pipe cleaners, plastic eyes and fuzzy balls, in addition to other decorations. Place glue at each "station" if several children are working on the project.

Step 4

Assemble the candy cane reindeer. Fold the pipe cleaner in half and then fold it around the curve of the candy cane to tie it in place; glue it in place if it doesn't stay put. Manipulate the pipe cleaner to create an antler-like shape.

Step 5

Place the eyes on each side of the candy cane below the "antlers" on the short end of the candy cane; glue them in place.

Step 6

Glue the fuzzy nose centered below the eyes but not at the end of the candy cane.

Step 7

Add any decorations in the appropriate places; glue them to stay in place.

Step 8

Place the craft on a Christmas tree or use for table decorations or simple gifts. Unwrap the long end of the candy cane to place it in a cup of hot chocolate or coffee (or alcoholic beverage) for added holiday flavor.

Tips and Warnings

To keep with the theme of homemade crafts, decorate your entire Christmas tree with handmade items, like round ornaments, decorated pine cones and holiday creatures made from craft sticks or clothespins. Mini candy canes work, too. Cut the pipe cleaners in half for more appropriate-sized antlers.

Things You'll Need

Candy canes , Brown pipe cleaners , Plastic eyes, Red fuzzy ball, Glue (craft glue or hot glue gun)

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