How to Make a Christmas Button Wreath

Button wreaths are a classic decor item all year round, but they are particularly fun to use as Christmas ornaments and gifts image by

Button wreaths are simple, rustic ornaments that dress up a Christmas tree. These little holiday hoops are also great for garnishing special presents or as teacher gifts for beloved instructors. They are easy to make, although a bit time consuming, and children as young as three can make them almost entirely on their own.


Step 1

Put a small bend in one end of the pipe cleaner. This will keep the buttons from falling off as you string them. Make the bent part about 1 to 1 1/2 inches long.

Step 2

String the buttons onto the pipe cleaner. Whenever possible, push the wire through the middle hole in the button, but if you have buttons with two or four holes just do your best to keep the wreath looking balanced by first selecting the right hole, then the left, then the top or bottom as the incidents occur. Continue stringing until you have filled up the entire pipe cleaner except for about another 1 1/2 inches at the top.

Step 3

Bend the pipe cleaner so that it forms a circle. Twist the bare sections together tightly to hold the circle in place. Make sure that you wrap the ends around each other as closely as possible so that the wreath does not spring apart later and throw buttons everywhere.

Step 4

Tie a loop of red ribbon around the center of the bare spot. This will be the wreath's hanger. You can knot the ends of the loop together or tie them in a bow.

Step 5

Tie a large red bow around the bare spot where the ends of the wreath are joined. The bow will cover up the bare spot and the knot where the hanger is attached.

Tips and Warnings

Add a small sprig of holly behind the bow to dress up your button wreath for the holidays.

Things You'll Need

Buttons in assorted shades of red, green and metallic , Pipe cleaner (1 inch long), Thin red ribbon, Scissors

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