How to Make Papier Mache Snowmen

Adorable papier mache snowmen nestled on a mantel on the windowsill are sure to bring a smile to the face of holiday guests. This easy craft is ideal for your home decorating needs or as a gift for that special person on your list.


Step 1

Prepare the papier mache paste by mixing equal parts of white school glue and tepid water. Tear old newspapers into easy-to-handle strips no wider than 1 inch. Soak newspaper strips in the papier mache paste.

Step 2

Inflate three balloons so they are in varying sizes to accommodate the shape of a snowman. Cover each balloon with one coat of papier mache. Allow to dry completely. Connect the two bottom balloons by running a piece of masking tape from the largest balloon over the top of the second balloon and back down to the bottom balloon. Follow the curve of the balloon, creating an indentation between balloons. Repeat with a second piece of tape on the opposite side of the balloons to secure the balloons in place. Follow the same procedure for attaching the smaller balloon head to the body of the snowman.

Step 3

Cut a 2-by-2 inch square of cardboard. Wrap with several layers of newspaper and tape in place. Tape the cardboard base to the bottom balloon to create a flat bottom to your snowman.

Step 4

Add another coat of papier mache to the entire snowman, being careful to cover all areas that have been taped. Add a strip of newspaper between the balloon section by wrapping it around the circumference to build it up to the desired thickness. Cover the base of the snowman while covering the bottom balloon. Blend the strips into the surface of the balloon so that it becomes part of the snowman. Allow to dry completely.

Step 5

Spray the snowman with decorative spray snow or white paint, and sprinkle with glitter if desired. Allow to dry and add facial features with acrylic paint using a small brush. Create a small cone from paper, and glue in place for the nose. Paint the cone orange. Glue three miniature buttons down the front of the center balloon. Cut a scrap of fabric to make a scarf, and tie it loosely around the neck.

Step 6

Create a black hat by tracing an appropriately sized circle of lightweight cardboard for the brim. Form a cylinder of lightweight cardboard or card stock paper for the top of the hat. Tape or staple the cylinder, and attach to the brim with masking tape. Cut a smaller circle to fit the top of the cylinder, and tape in place. Cover the cylinder and the brim with black felt. Glue the hat to the top of the head. Add other decorative features if desired.

Tips and Warnings

Display the snowman singly or in groupings for a delightful holiday scene.

Things You'll Need

3 round balloons, Old newspapers, White glue, Water, Plastic container, Spray snow, Glitter (optional), Masking tape, Glue gun/glue sticks, 3 miniature buttons, Scraps of fabric, Black felt, Lightweight cardboard/card stock paper

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