How to Make a Snowman From a Lightbulb

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Everyone loves to create memories and have fun at Christmastime by making homemade gifts for neighbors and friends. Here is a cute craft idea that everyone can do. A recycling project in which one can re-purpose light bulbs by turning them into a whimsical snowman to hang on the tree. Use some of the Christmas shopping time and turn it into family memories when you make homemade gifts for everyone.


Family Fun with the Living Green Concept

Step 1

Use any size light bulb, and apply the craft snow on the entire light bulb and let dry. While waiting for the snow to dry, using the black felt, cut out your shapes for the hat, gloves and scarf. •Cut out one square approximately 1inch x 2inches. •Cut one rectangle shape approximately 4 inches x 1 inch. •Cut a round shape approximately 2 inches in diameter. •Cut a second round shape for the top of the hat approximately 1 inch in diameter, snip a small hole in the center. •Cut 4 small glove shapes for the hands. Note:The supplies for this project are enough to make five or six snowmen bulbs.

Step 2

Glue the gloves onto the ends of the sticks, sandwiching the stick between the two cut outs for each arm. Apply white acrylic paint to the snow covered bulb to be sure the entire bulb is covered, apply glitter to the snow covered bulb for added glimmer. Wrap the hat base around your finger, and glue the ends together together, glue the top of the hat to the piece, and then glue the hat to the rim of the hat, set aside. Cut ruffles on the ends of the scarf, and set aside. The felt color used for your project is optional, any color can be used to add whimsy.

Step 3

Cut a piece of string approximately 4 inches long loop the string, tie a knot and pull the string through the hole to provide a way to hang the snowman, glue the string for added strength. Glue the arms onto the snowman and cover the glue with craft snow. Use a fast tack glue or a glue gun for quickest gluing time.

Step 4

Glue the Google eyes onto the face. Using the tulip paint draw a smile and add buttons down the front of the snowman body. Tie the scarf around the neck of the snowman and glue the hat onto the top of the bulb.

Step 5

Embellish the snowman further by adding craft snow to the top of the snowman hat and artistically on the scarf and arms to make it appear as if it had been snowed on or apply a miniature bird or flowers to give added charm. Wrap your gem and give away to your co-workers or neighbors for Christmas. Download the .pdf and save it for your Christmas projects.

Tips and Warnings

Allow the craft snow to dry completely between paint applications.

Things You'll Need

Light Bulb, Craft Google Eyes, Craft Snow, Clear Glitter(optional), White Acrylic Paint, Black Tulip Puff Paint, Black Felt (any color optional), Scissors, String, Sticks, Glue

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Photo by: Kimberlee Ketring, Google Images

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