How to Decorate for Christmas on a Tight Budget

Christmas is a time to be jolly and completely strapped for cash. Between buying presents, baking sweets, and paying for the gas to visit your family, you may find that you have very little room left in your budget to decorate your apartment. But that doesn't mean that your apartment has to go without any festive adornments. It isn't impossible to decorate your apartment for Christmas on a tight budget, it just requires a little creativity and thinking outside of the box. Read on to learn how to decorate for Christmas on a tight budget.


Step 1

Check out your local dollar store. The dollar store is a great place to pick up all kinds of odds and ends year-round and Christmas is no exception. You can usually find garland, ornaments, lights, and even wrapping paper at your local dollar store starting sometime around Thanksgiving. With everything only costing a dollar you can easily purchase enough Christmas decorations to at least do up your living room, if not every room in your apartment.

Step 2

Plan ahead for Christmas next year, starting the day after Christmas this year. If you go out the day after Christmas you can get some amazing deals on Christmas decorations, usually more than 50 percent off, and if you go to stores that are already pretty affordable, like Target and Kmart, then the deal is just that much sweeter. If you need a string of lights longer than the ones they offer at the dollar store, or if you need a small tree for next year then the day after Christmas is a great time to pick up these items and store them away for next year.

Step 3

Get crafty with your friends. Consider having a Christmas party with your friends where you can make homemade ornaments with craft supplies bought at the dollar store or from the bargain bin at your local craft store. You can watch movies, eat sweets, and make Christmas decorations for your apartment.

Step 4

String popcorn and cranberries instead of buying expensive garland that might only last a year anyway. Plain popcorn and cranberries are an inexpensive way of making your own garland and stringing them may just help you get in the holiday spirit, especially if you put on your favorite Christmas music while you do it. Garland can be quite expensive and doesn't always hold up through the years, so instead of spending a large amount of money on garland, you can spend a couple of dollars on popcorn and cranberries.

Step 5

Tie a string around the top of pine cones and use them as ornaments. If there is a tree where you can get pine cones around your apartment then you can gather up some of those pine cones and tie strings around the top of them and then hang them on your tree. These nature made ornaments will look especially great with your popcorn and cranberry garland.

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