How to Make Reblochon Cheese

Reblochon Cheese is described as having a mild soft taste and has a light beige to a yellow color. The origin of the Reblochon cheese is from the valleys in Savoie, France. Whole, unpasteurized cow's milk is used to make the cheese and it comes from one or more of three breeds of cows: Abondance, Montbéliarde or Tarine.


Step 1

Warm the milk in a large sterilized copper pot and add the rennet to curdle it. Warm the milk to about 68 degrees F. Do this slowly so you do not scorch the pan. Let this sit for about 1-3 hours undisturbed. Test for a clean break to ensure that the activation of rennet has been fully completed. This is done by performing a "clean break" test with your finger, put your finger in the milk and lift it upwards to see if you get a clean even break. When the gel is firm enough to make a clean break, go to the next step.

Step 2

Take the curds out and pour them into molds lined with cheesecloth which allows the whey to drain off. Even out the curds by hand in the molds. Remember to drain well.

Step 3

Let the curd sit for half an hour and when a cheese has formed press a label into the cheese. Remember that the cheese should still be warm since we want the curds to knit together so that it forms into a solid piece of cheese. The formation of the cheese itself will take about 12 hours or longer. Be patient because it takes time.

Step 4

Remove the cheese from the press and bandage it so you can develop a rind to the cheese on the refrigerator rack. Replace the bandage daily as long as it continues to be wet. Remember to also rotate the cheese in your fridge so that your cheese dries evenly. Aging the cheese can take as long as 4 weeks or longer if you would like.

Things You'll Need

copper pot, 5 liters of milk, rennet
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