How to Make Rainbow Cheese

Are you looking for a colorful solution to the everyday cheese spread? Here is an answer to that problem. You will also find some instructions for making colorful sandwiches that the entire family will enjoy eating for snacks. These sandwiches are especially good for Easter time when the soft pastel colors are prominent at parties, Easter egg hunts, and social gatherings. Serve them at Christmas for a red and green festive combination.


Getting Started

Step 1

Mash cream cheese and milk together. Note: This step is not necessary if using whipped cream cheese

Step 2

Divide the cheese into four equal parts and tint each with a different color of food coloring until the desired tint is reached. You can use the basic colors or try different ones for different holidays or occasions.

Step 3

Spread butter on slices of bread. Spread one slice of bread with red cream cheese, one slice of bread with yellow cream cheese, one slice of bread with green cream cheese, and one slice of bread with blue cream cheese. Cover with a fifth piece of bread, buttered side down. Place in a pan and cover with a damp tea towel. Chill until just before you are ready to serve.

Step 4

To serve, cut the crusts from the sandwich.

Step 5

Cut the sandwich in half. Cut each half into 7 slices. This makes 14 small sandwiches from each whole sandwich.

Tips and Warnings

Use a hot knife to cut the sandwiches. This will ensure a neat cut with no torn edges. Use different combinations of the food coloring to achieve different colors for different holidays. Food coloring comes in many different colors. You can buy everything from the classic primary colors to neon purple, yellow, pink and blue, to holiday colors such as orange and black. Here are a few sample combinations: Deep purple 1 blue + 15 pink Green apple 25 green + 2 blue Apricot 8 green + 3 pink Turquoise 10 blue + 3 green Dusty Rose 6 pink + 1 blue Lime 24 yellow + 4 green Watermelon 25 red + 2 blue Raspberry 14 red + 6 blue Spearmint 12 green + 6 yellow + 2 blue Orange Sunset 17 yellow + 3 red Be sure to refrigerate these sandwiches. Cream cheese is a dairy product and will spoil if not kept in the refrigerator. Food coloring does have a propensity to stain porous materials. Use caution around upholstery, carpets, and rugs. To remove coloring from hands, wash them repeatedly with soap and water. (You could just do the dishes and clean up the kitchen.) To remove coloring from countertops, use bleach with an all-purpose cleaner. Be sure that your cleaner does not have ammonia in it if you are using bleach.

Things You'll Need

12 ounces of cream cheese softened or whipped cream cheese, 6 tsp milk, Red food coloring, Yellow food coloring, Green food coloring, Blue food coloring, Crackers or bread for spreading, Butter or margarine softened

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