How to Make a Mother's Day Centerpiece

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Beautify your Mother's Day table with this dainty spring flower and candle centerpiece. Mother's Day should be special with beautiful spring colors and family all around. This centerpiece doesn't take long to make and anyone can do it. Make one for yourself and one for your Mom. You can find wonderful little teapots and cups at garage sales or thrift stores which also makes this project very inexpensive. In no time at all you'll put together a gift that Mom will never forget.


Step 1

Get an old serving tray at a flea market or garage sale. If it can be painted, paint it a thin white on a diagonal. If it can't be painted, clean it up as best you can. You won't be able to see much of it when you're done the project. Pick up a china teapot and two cups also. Wash them well with dish soap and warm water and let them dry. Using sticky dots, stick the teapot and cups to the serving tray so they don't slide around.

Step 2

Fill the teapot and cups half way up with floral foam. Press a taper candle into the center of the floral foam in each cup and then remove. You just want to make an indent so you know where to put the hole for the candle. Take the foam out of the cups and use a butter knife to dig out a hole for the candle. Be careful not to make it any larger than your imprint or the candle won't stand up straight. Put the foam back in the cup and drop a sticky dot in the holes. Insert the candles.

Step 3

Place one tall stem in the teapot. Something like a pussy willow or a flowering dog wood branch. Then work down to smaller and more delicate spring flowers. Use some baby's breath to fill in. Put a dab of super glue on the tall stem and glue on the butterfly.

Step 4

Place small delicate spring flowers or buds in the cups to fill the space around the candles. You don't want anything tall here, or you won't be able to light the candles.

Step 5

Take some of the flowers that you used in the teapot and bunch them together to look like fresh cut flowers. Put some baby's breath in the mix too. Tie some raffia around them to bundle them. Make about four small bundles and lay them on the tray. Place the tray in the center of your dining table.

Things You'll Need

China teapot, Two china teacups, Old serving tray, Paint and brush, Sticky dots, Floral foam, Artificial spring flowers, Raffia, Taper candles, Artificial butterfly, Super glue

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