How to Make Up for Forgetting Mother's Day

We all forget important occasions once in awhile. We don't intentionally overlook these special days but, when we do, our thoughtlessness and forgetfulness can hurt someones feelings. Did Mother's Day slip past you? Whether your mom says so or not, she was probably a little disappointed if you failed to acknowledge the holiday. However, the situation can be rectified. Here are some ways to make up for forgetting Mother's Day.


Making Amends

Step 1

Send flowers to your mother's home or work. Flowers are always a nice way to apologize and you may actually find an after-Mother's Day sale if you search online. When you send the flowers, be sure to mention, on the accompanying card, how sorry you are that you overlooked the occasion. You should also write a little something about how special your mom really is to you.

Step 2

Mail your mom two separate cards. Send her a regular Mother's Day card and then send her a card in which you apologize for forgetting Mother's Day. Try to find a serious card which sincerely expresses how you feel about your mom and also a humorous card, to alleviate any tension.

Step 3

Devote an entire day to your mother. On this day, allow her to decide what the two of you will do. Be willing to pay for meals and any other activities that your mom may want to do.

Step 4

Talk to your mother more frequently. If your mom is offended by your forgetting Mother's Day, it's most likely because she believes you weren't thinking of her. Regularly calling your mother would mean a lot to her, especially after forgetting Mother's Day.

Step 5

Surprise your mom with a gift on a random day in the summer: A day at a spa or treat your mom to a meal at her favorite restaurant. Don't tell her in advance. Let it be a surprise. That way, your mom gets her own Mother's Day.

Step 6

Never forget Mother's Day again. Leave notes and other reminders for yourself if you must. The easiest way to make up for forgetting Mother's Day is to never make the same mistake twice.

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