How to Make Your Mom Feel Special for Mother's Day

How to Make Your Mom Feel Special for Mother's Day image by iStockphoto

Flowers, candy, cards are all wonderful traditional gifts and a definite crowd pleaser for moms, but if you really want to be unique this Mother's Day here are some gift ideas to spark your imagination.


Step 1

Write her a letter. It is still charming to write a handwritten note and certainly appreciated by Mom. If you are at a loss for words, think of a time that was special for you and Mom, then share memories and feelings from that moment. If budget permits, pick out some nice stationary or note cards from an office supply, book or retail store.

Step 2

Burn a music CD. Download some of Mom's favorites from her youth and burn it to a CD. Better yet, find songs that are inspirational and have meaning to your relationship. CDs, CD labels and envelopes can be purchased at an office supply or retail stores.

Step 3

Create a fruit bouquet. Moms are eating healthier and staying in shape. Instead of flowers, send an edible bouquet of fruit to her at work or home. It is truly impressive and definitely yummy. If you are up for the challenge, create your own fruit bouquet. If not, companies abound that will provide this service.

Step 4

Decorate an over sized cookie using Mom's favorite cookie. Local bakeries will make up an oversize cookie for Mom with a special message written in delicious frosting or you can make it together.

Step 5

Cook Mom her favorite dish. It's time to tell Mom to hang up the apron and go relax. Now, depending on your cooking skills this gift could be easy to difficult to pull off. Either way, find what is comfortable. If need be, incorporate siblings or other family members to help with the meal and make it family style. Mom will love the break, but make sure to clean up.

Tips and Warnings

Focus on what interests your mom or touches her heart then find a way to make it special and original.

Things You'll Need

Imagination, Paper, Stamp, Music, Cookie dough, Yummy food, Time

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