How to Give a Mother's Day Gift to Your Godmother

It's nice to remember all of the women who have made a significant impact on your life when Mother's Day comes around. You may be quick to buy a Mother's Day gift for your mom and even your grandmother. You shouldn't forget your godmother, though, especially if she has been an important part of your life through the years. Here is how to give a Mother's Day gift to your godmother.


Step 1

Make a photo album for your godmother and give it to her for Mother's Day. In the album, include pictures of you and your godmother throughout the years. You could start with pictures of your baptism and continue all the way up to present day pictures of you and your godmother together. Leave a page or two blank so that future pictures of you and your godmother can be added.

Step 2

If you don't wish to create an entire album, purchase a very nice picture frame as a Mother's Day gift for your godmother. Get the frame engraved, possibly with the date of when she became your godmother or the date of that particular Mother's Day.

Step 3

Buy your godmother a personalized piece of jewelry as a Mother's Day gift. You could get her a necklace that has an engraved locket with a picture of the two of you inside, for example.

Step 4

Find a special religious gift to give to your godmother. Chances are that your godmother became your godmother at your baptism. Perhaps you could give her a brand new rosary as a Mother's Day gift to commemorate the day that she became your godmother.

Step 5

Take your godmother to a place the two of you used to go together when you were younger. For example, maybe your godmother used to take you to the same restaurant when you were a child. As a Mother's Day gift, take her out to that same restaurant for a Mother's Day meal.

Step 6

Do some chores around the house for your godmother as a Mother's Day gift. Something as simple as mowing the lawn or dusting your godmother's house is a meaningful way to tell her you appreciate her on Mother's Day. It's also a way to save some money on a gift.

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