How to Make a Father's Day Scrapbook

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A fun and creative idea for Father’s Day is to make Dad a scrapbook. This project can involve all of the kids with a little help from an adult. A Father’s Day scrapbook will be appreciated and enjoyed by Dad for many years to come. It’s a much better gift than another ashtray.


Step 1

Start by considering the type of scrapbook you want to make. Popular themes include “Dad and Me” or a chronological book that goes from the birth of the child to present day.

Step 2

Think about the format. Some people like to do a journal style with just one or two pictures per page and then narration to explain each photo. Others prefer a collage of photos with many photos on each page and little or no text.

Step 3

Gather photos and mementos to put include in the scrapbook. You may want to include newspaper clippings, artwork done by your child and other things that remind you of good times together.

Step 4

Purchase a pre-made scrapbook or make your own by stapling, taping or tying pages together. Before permanently attaching photos and other items to the book, lay everything out and decide on your order and setup.

Step 5

Remember to allow your child to help with the project. Sure, it may not be perfect and you may end up with a mess that needs to be cleaned up, but the pride your child will feel in making her own gift makes up for all of that.

Step 6

Plan for your child to give the scrapbook to Dad at a moment when there is time for them to look at it together. Let them sit down and enjoy the pages. As an added touch you can take a picture of them looking at the scrapbook and place that photo at the end of the book.

Step 7

Store the scrapbook in a place where it will be kept safe and can also be looked at often.

Things You'll Need

Photo album or supplies to make one, Pictures and other mementos, Glue to attach items to scrapbook (optional)

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