Fun Things to do with Crafts


Finding fun things to do with crafts is a way of expressing creativity and building feelings of accomplishment. Many craft ideas use recycled materials to turn trash into memorable gifts. Children love learning how to make crafts with their hands. Working together as a family on a craft project builds strong family ties.

Christmas Photo Ornament Craft

A CD photo frame is a fun craft idea to make with children that works as either a Christmas ornament or a special gift. Start with two CDs and glue the ends of a six-inch piece of ribbon to the top on the colored side of one CD. The ribbon is used as the ornament hanger. Glue the two CDs together with the shiny side out and the ends of the ribbon tucked inside. Be sure to leave enough ribbon loop hanging out of the CDs to hang on a Christmas tree branch. Let the child draw a beautiful Christmas scene on the back side of the CD using permanent markers. This will save his artwork for years to come. Be sure to have the child sign and date the CD. On the other side of the CD, paste a picture of the child that has been cut to fit the center circle. Decorate around the picture using small snowflake cut-outs or stickers. You can frame the image with glitter glue.

Beach Collage Craft

Collecting rocks and shells on the beach is a fun family activity. The memory of that day can be captured in a beach collage craft project. Beach rocks and shells can be preserved in a beautiful garden step by using a small package of cement. Use an old cake pan or tray as a mold. Cover the mold with clinging plastic. Place the beach collection in an attractive display. Be sure to place the desired side of the beach objects facing down in the pan. Glass marbles can be added to the collage for color accents. Mix the cement according to the package directions. Pour the cement slowly over the beach collage and allow the cement to dry for 36 hours. Slide the cement beach collage from the mold and peel off the plastic wrap. You may preserve and shine the collage with a coat of clear varnish.

Bottle Cap Mobile Craft

Think green and save those metal jar lids to make a mobile craft. If you want the mobile to be colored to fit your decor, carefully spray-paint the assortment of jar lids in matching and contrasting colors. Choose the largest lid you can find to be the base of your mobile. Make holes in the jar lids with a small nail and hammer to tie a fish line through. Tie about 14 inches of fish line from the base lid to a hook to hang the mobile. From the other end of the large lid suspend your painted metal jar lids. Hang three to five strands of jar lids from the base. Make sure that your lids will touch at different angles when the wind blows. For added interest, hang two or three jar lids in a row with about 6 inches of fish line between the lids.

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