How to Make a Fun Holiday Advent Calendar

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Advent calendars are used to count down the days that lead to Christmas. There are plenty of modern Advent calendars that you can buy, but it is so much fun to make your own. They are especially fun for children who eagerly look forward to Christmas Day. It is a great way for the younger ones to be able to take part in the festivities all while keeping an eye on the exact day that is coming.


Step 1

Hand stitch a 1-inch wide casing on the narrow side of the felt for the top of the advent calendar. Run the dowel rod through the finished casing and secure the ends with the yarn.

Step 2

Cut out felt letters or shapes to glue on the top of the calendar to decorate as you choose. You can make the letters say, "Christmas Day," or simply put a picture of Santa or a Christmas tree as some ideas for this step.

Step 3

Bake your cookies according to the recipe you are using. You will need 25 cookies for the calendar. Sugar cookies work best for cutout shapes.

Step 4

Number the cookies with the frosting. To do this you want to put the frosting in the sandwich bag and pipe out the number. Just cut a very small slit at one corner of the sandwich bag for the frosting to come through.

Step 5

Let the frosting harden and then wrap each cookie with colored plastic wrap. Secure it with ribbon before tying it to the calendar. Make stitches on the felt to tie the cookies.

Step 6

Arrange the cookies on the calendar to make sure they are properly placed in number order. Use fabric chalk to mark the spots in which you need to stitch and thread the needle with the thread before sewing a 1-inch stitch over each area of the corresponding dates.

Step 7

Hang the calendar on the wall and attach the cookies in numerical order. Eat the cookies each day counting down the days till Christmas.

Tips and Warnings

Make sure your cookies are appropriate size. You don't want them to be too big for the calendar dimensions.

Things You'll Need

Green or red felt measuring 30 inches x 20 inches, Matching color thread, Needle, Matching ribbon, Scissors, Favorite cookie recipe, Cookie cutter, Christmas shape, Plastic wrap, Dowel rod measuring 1/4-inch in diameter, Buttercream frosting, Sandwich bags, Fabric chalk, Yarn, 24 inches long, Glitter and paint, optional

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