How to Find Elf Shoes

Elf shoe star image by Illustration by Ryn Gargulinski

Perhaps you are dressing as an elf for the holidays, wither as a joke or because you have completely lost your mind. In any event, you must find elf shoes and you must find them now. While the cute little pointy-toed shoes may seem like an impossible pair to snare, getting your hands on some is not as difficult as you may think.


Step 1

Hit the costume and novelty shops. Check your local phonebook or mall to see what the specialty stores may carry. You never know when elf shoes will be on the shelf, but you’ll probably have a better chance of finding them around the holiday season. Don’t forget to check out the Renaissance aisle for jester shoes, which often work for elves, too.

Step 2

Check flea markets, vintage and thrift stores. Here’s where you can find everything from a pink flamingo to a kitchen sink. You might get lucky and find some elf shoes buried beneath the flamingo next to the sink.

Step 3

Ask the guy dressed as an elf at the mall. Maybe he has extra ones in his car. Or perhaps he can direct you to the elf shoe shop he found. Also ask around at local theater groups, schools who put on Christmas pageants and anyone else you can think of that may have needed elf shoes at one time or another. They may even be willing to give you their old ones if they’re done with them.

Step 4

Make your own. Take a form-fitting pair of full-foot slippers and a stiff material in the same color as the slippers. Cut two very long triangle strips with a rounded, pointed-up edge out of the material, and roll them into cones with the pointed edge pointing upward. Stitch the back of the cone closed, stuff the insides with pillow stuffing and stitch the bottom of the cones to the slippers. Spray with starch to stiffen further, if necessary.

Step 5

Take it online. If you can pay by credit card and wait for delivery, going online is the easiest way to find the widest variety of elf shoes. Of course, you will not have the option of trying them on until you purchase them, but you will certainly have quiet a collection (see Resources below).

Tips and Warnings

Embellish your elf shoes with small metallic pins on the sides and bells on the tips. Don’t wear elf shoes on a first date. Never wear elf shoes on a job interview, unless you're trying to steal that guy's job at the mall.

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Photo by: Illustration by Ryn Gargulinski

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