How to Write a Santa Letter to a Child

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Many children like to sit down and write Santa Claus a letter to tell Santa what they would like for Christmas. They may or may not expect a letter back. But parents can surprise their children with a letter from Santa. They can do it right at home on the computer when their children go to sleep. Children can wake up and find the letter on the kitchen table. Mom and Dad can tell the child that Santa dropped off the letter during the night.


Step 1

Turn on your computer and open a Word program. Choose size 14 with a font that writes in cursive. This will make it look like Santa wrote it out, as opposed to a regular computer typeface. Select red or green ink instead of the traditional black.

Step 2

Think about some personal details that you can incorporate into the letter. This could be your child's favorite color, favorite toy, age, or friend's name. You may even want to add one of the presents your child got last year. All of these details are important. They will make your child feel special and like Santa really cares.

Step 3

Start the letter by having Santa say he is excited about coming to where your child lives. Have Santa comment on the weather in that area during the Christmas season. Santa could say "I love riding my sleigh through your snow-covered yards" or "I love visiting the nice, warm temperatures in your town on Christmas Eve."

Step 4

Continue by mentioning that the child is on Santa's "nice" list. This is the part where you can mention the child's age by having Santa remind the child that she has been on the "nice" list for, say, 5 years. Have Santa then encourage the child to keep up the good work and continue being a nice little girl.

Step 5

Mention some of the presents your child asked for in the letter to Santa and acknowledge receipt of the letter. You can even talk about one of the toys that Santa gave your child the year before. Be sure to mention how hard the elves have been working on those gifts.

Step 6

Add a paragraph about Rudolph and the other reindeer. Talk about how they're getting ready for the big night. Maybe Rudolph is shining his nose, or the other reindeer are having new hooves put on.

Step 7

Conclude with Santa thanking your child for the milk and cookies (or the cheese) from last year. Have Santa talk about how much he looks forward to stopping by and eating some more this year.

Step 8

Add a clip art picture of Santa if you have one. Create a border of holly leaves or Christmas lights. Print and place it in an envelope with your child's name on it.

Tips and Warnings

Sign Santa in pen at the end of the letter.

Things You'll Need

Computer, Word Processing Program, Printer, Paper, Envelope

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