How to Make a Nativity Chain

Kids love counting down the days until Christmas. A simple paper chain with a nativity character on each loop lets them do just that while remembering their Bible lessons. It’s a fun and easy project to do with a Sunday school class or at home. You can find nativity stickers in Christian supply stores and online, and even in some mainstream retail stores. Make sure to buy a sticker set that includes at least 25 pieces, or supplement the nativity stickers with other appropriate stickers, such as stars, angels or animals. You’ll need about six sheets of construction paper for each chain. You can use a single color, or alternate colors.


Make a Nativity Chain

Step 1

Cut the colored construction paper into strips about 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide.

Step 2

Place a nativity sticker in the center of each strip. You may want to let the kids decorate each strip with markers.

Step 3

Write an appropriate Bible verse on the other side of each strip. Use short, simple Bible verses for young children. Older children can use longer verses from the gospel.

Step 4

Touch the ends of one strip to make a loop, so that the nativity sticker is on the outside. Tape the ends of the paper together.

Step 5

Insert the end of the next strip through the loop, then tape the ends together. Make sure to put the paper strips in an appropriate order, such as having baby Jesus on Christmas day. If your sticker set includes wise men, or magi, you may want put them earlier in the paper chain, or make the paper chain last for an extra twelve days after Christmas.

Step 6

Continue inserting strips through the previous loop, taping the ends, until all the strips are together in a long paper chain.

Step 7

Have the children tear open a loop each day and read the Bible verse inside.

Tips and Warnings

If you’re making a nativity chain with a Sunday school class or group of kids, you may want to precut the paper into strips, especially if you have a paper cutter available. You can use a stapler instead of tape to make the paper loops if you prefer. You may want to have each child make their own nativity chain to take home, or make one big chain to keep in the classroom. Use caution when working with scissors. Supervise children around sharp objects.

Things You'll Need

Colored construction paper, Scissors, Tape, Nativity stickers, Markers or pens
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