How to Make Snowman Finger Puppets

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As the nights get longer and the days get colder, kids need more things to do indoors. Making snowman finger puppets can not only engage your child in an interesting craft project, it can also provide her with a toy which will keep her busy for many hours. These puppets are useful for solitary play, as well as for putting on a puppet show for friends and family. Think about doing this project on days when it's too cold or rainy to go outside.


Step 1

Select some holey terry cloth socks or find some your child has outgrown. Try to find socks which are still bright white. Cut the sock open across the bottom. Remove any colored cloth from the sock.

Step 2

Wrap the sock around your finger. Measure enough material to cover the finger about one and a half times. Cut out the strip of cloth, then cut that into segments long enough to cover the top half of your finger.

Step 3

Turn the material flat side out and fold it over. Push the needle through one side. Then bring it back through the other side and tie a knot in the thread to hold it in place. Sew the opening together about 1/4 inch away from the edge. Sew the entire opening again in the opposite direction and tie off the thread. Sew the top opening shut using the same technique.

Step 4

Turn the material so that the terry cloth is on the outside. Crumple up a piece of clear plastic wrap and push it inside the body of the snow puppet. Plug in a hot glue gun and allow it to heat for five minutes. Set a timer if necessary.

Step 5

Bend a piece of colorful chenille stem over the top of the snowman puppet. Cut the stem above where the snowman's ears would be. Then select two small pom poms which match the color of the chenille stem. Cut out a slender strip of felt in a different color to make a scarf. Test the scarf before gluing it to see if it's the right length and thickness.

Step 6

Place a small amount of hot glue over the top of the snowman puppet's head. Quickly attach the piece of chenille stem. Then attach the pom poms. Glue the scarf in back first, then attach it in front with a small drop of glue. Carefully trim off any excess glue and trim the scarf if both ends don't look even.

Step 7

Attach a tiny orange pom pom on the front of the snowman puppet's head to create a nose. Paint on two eyes and four dots to indicate a mouth with black craft paint.

Tips and Warnings

Make several snowman finger puppets, and vary the color of their ear muffs and scarves. Try alternating the felt with other scraps of cloth to make each puppet look more individual. Take care not to burn your fingers on the hot glue. Children will need lots of help and supervision to do this project.

Things You'll Need

White terrycloth socks, Scissors , Needle, Thread, Hot glue gun, Chenille stems, Small pom poms, Black craft paint, Paint brush

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