Fun Animated Christmas Graphics


Christmas is a time when people wish each other well, gifts are exchanged, relatives you haven't seen all year come to town and millions of animated holiday graphics hit the Internet. Whether you are a webmaster to your own website or you are just looking for ways to spice up your holiday posts on a public message board you frequent, using animated Christmas graphics is a sure way to add a little spice to your computer holiday sentiment.

Santa Claus

Some of the most entertaining and heartfelt animated Christmas graphics include images of Santa Claus. Whether it is a graphic of Santa firing out of a chimney with his backside smoking from the fireplace log or if Santa is just pleasantly waving from his sleigh as the reindeer guide him to his next stop, Santa is certainly a popular topic for Christmas animated graphics. Maybe you want to post a picture of Santa sweating as he is caught in someone's living room for your next blog update, or you want to dress up your retail website with images of Santa stuffing his red sack. Either way, Santa is a popular animated symbol of the holiday season.

Oh Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree computer graphic can have so much added to it with just some simple animation. Try looking for a Christmas tree graphic that has lights that seem to twinkle on and off, or a star on top of the tree that opens up into a golden angel. Perhaps the lights blink on and off at what seems to be random, or they go in a pattern that makes your eyes follow. Some other animated aspects to a Christmas tree graphic can be a train chugging around the base of the tree, or the occasional elf sticking his head out of the tree to wish you a happy holiday season.


An animated Christmas graphic does not need to be complicated to catch the imagination. A graphic of a window with Christmas decorations on it as snow falls outside against the night-time sky can be an appropriate graphic for your Christmas needs. A single flame burning on a Christmas candle or a strand of Christmas lights that blink on and off can bring the Christmas message home effectively. If you enjoy the old British Christmas scenes, try an animated graphic of Christmas in 1800s England with snow in the sky and smoke coming from the chimneys. Sometimes an animated Christmas graphic can say a great deal in its simplicity.

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