How to Divide Hyacinth Bulbs

How to Divide Hyacinth Bulbs image by Photos by Linda Batey

Dividing hyacinth is easy with a little bit of knowledge and a hand trowel.


A New Attitude - Dividing in the Spring!

Step 1

Finding hyacinth bulbs in the fall is nearly impossible. Although they must be planted in the fall, once they are established (have been in the ground for at least three years), they can be divided and transplanted in the spring, even during blossoming. You do not need a big hole to place the transplated bulbs in, but it does need to be 6 inches deep. You can also "mass plant" by digging one large area 6 inches deep.

Step 2

Dig up the existing hyacinth bulb using a hand trowel, pushing the hand trowel straight down about 6 inches, so you don't accidentally cut the bulb. Gently pull back on the trowel handle to loosen and bring out the bulb. You should find several smaller bulbs attached to the large one.

Step 3

Separate the smaller bulbs from the larger one. If you are going to "mass plant" you should do all of your dividing at once so that you can arrange all of the bulbs at the same time. To "mass plant," place the bulbs 5 inches from one another and fill in with dirt, lightly tamping down to support them.

Step 4

Plant the bulbs 6 inches deep and fill around them with dirt, tamping down the dirt around for support.

Step 5

Keep the new transplants well watered in the next few days; chances are, they won't even know they've been moved.

Tips and Warnings

Planting hyacinths close to windows is a great way to bring their scent into the house in the spring without picking them.

Things You'll Need

Hand trowel digging tool

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