How to Make Spicy Deviled Eggs

A favorite appetizer at gatherings is deviled eggs. You can be a hit at the next event with these easy to make spicy deviled eggs.


Step 1

Heat water to boiling point. Add eggs and boil for 12 minutes. Run eggs under cold water for 2 minutes, then let sit in cold water for 10 minutes. Peel eggs.

Step 2

Slice eggs in half lengthwise. Scoop the yolks into a small bowl and mash yolks with a fork. Set whites on serving platter. Add mayonnaise one heaping tablespoon at a time to the yolks, mixing well, until the mixture is as moist or dry as you like it.

Step 3

Add all spices except paprika. Taste the mixture and add more cayenne if you want a tangier, spicier flavor. Add pepper if you want a hotter flavor. Mix well.

Step 4

Scoop yolk mixture into center of egg whites. Garnish with paprika and a slice of olive if desired. Serve immediately or chill them in the refrigerator until it's time to serve.

Tips and Warnings

Add mayonnaise a little at a time asyou can always add more, but you do not have more egg yolk to dry the mixture out. Adding paprika as a garnish adds a nice "bite" to the eggs, in addition to dressing them up. Do not overdo the cayenne pepper as some people cannot tolerate cayenne.

Things You'll Need

8 eggs, 1/4 to 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 1 tsp. salt, 2 tsp. pepper, 1 1/2 tsp. garlic powder, 1 1/2 tsp. onion powder, 1 tsp. cayenne pepper, Paprika, Sliced olives

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