How to Make Great Fruit Platters


Whether taking something to an office party, church potluck or afternoon tea, a fruit platter is always a welcome addition to the buffet. Seasonal fruits are wonderful by themselves or with a delicious dip on the side. Fruit platters are colorful, healthy and a cool treat on a hot, summer day. Fruit tends to brown easily and there are ways to prepare the fruit so that it will not only be aesthetically pleasing but taste as good as it looks.

Step 1

Select fruits that are in season---not only will they taste better, but they also will be less expensive.

Step 2

Purchase the right amount of fruit. Estimate that each person will eat four or five pieces of the fruit, so make sure you have plenty.

Step 3

Wash the fruit, and slice them into pleasing shapes. Melons are beautiful and easy to eat when a melon ball tool has been used to remove the fruit, and an apple's peel adds color. It is unnecessary to separate all the grapes in a bunch; use scissors to cut them into little sections with three or four grapes on each section.

Step 4

Toss white fruit, such as apples, into some type of citrus juice (e.g., pineapple, orange, lemon or lime), to prevent browning, according to Prepare all of the fruits the night before---except for the berries.

Step 5

Avoid using bananas in fruit platters, as they brown quickly and become slippery to the touch.

Step 6

Rinse and drain any berries right before adding them to the tray so that they stay fresh and plump longer.

Step 7

Add exotic fruit to the mixture, such as star fruit or kiwi. They add eye appeal and delight guests.

Step 8

Arrange the fruit in a pleasing manner on the tray. Place exotic fruit such as kiwi in the center, then surround it with deep red strawberries or purple grapes. Alternate light and dark colors for the most eye-pleasing array. If green grapes, for example, are the most abundant fruit, arrange them on the outer edge of the tray.

Things You'll Need

  • Melon ball tool
  • Platter
  • Sharp knife
  • Scissors
  • Citrus juice


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