How to Make Chelated Iron With Molasses


Ingestion of chelated iron, through intravenous infusion or oral ingestion, theoretically makes iron more available to the body. Proponents believe chelation can treat a number of conditions ranging from cardiovascular disease to autism. The idea that chelated iron is better absorbed in the digestive tract is intriguing, but not supported by medical or clinical research. A rich source of bioavailable iron is availabe in mineral-rich blackstrap molasses.

Step 1

Buy a bottle of unsulphured or black strap molasses.

Step 2

Take by the teaspoon or mix into recipes or use as a topping.

Step 3

Get the richest bioavailable source of iron. Molasses possesses amino acids that are bound to the iron for best metabolic absorption.

Tips and Warnings

  • Minerals in general, and chelated minerals in particular, are best obtained through food sources. Chelation therapy has never been proven in clinical trials as an effective health regimen.

Things You'll Need

  • Unsulphured or black strap molasses


  • Whole Foods: Mineral Benefits of Molasses
  • ChelationWatch: Comprehensive Information on Chelation

Who Can Help

  • Natural Database: Black Strap Molasses and Chelated Iron
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