Acai Berry Vs. Wolfberry


The acai berry is a wild Brazilian palmberry fruit about the size of a grape. The wolfberry, also called the goji berry, produces small bright orange to red colored berries. Both the acai berry and the wolfberry are used for many medicinal purposes and praised for their health benefits.


The acai berry has been touted as one of the most nourishing natural foods. The Chinese revere the wolfberry as a natural treasure for its nutrient-dense properties.


The acai berry is a primary ingredient in many supplements, juices and candies. It can damage quickly and is best used freeze-dried. Wolfberry is available as a juice and as an ingredient in energy bars. Wolfberry supplements are also available.

Acai Berry Benefits

Benefits of the acai berry include weight loss, increased energy, help with digestion, better concentration, stronger immune system, healthier skin, a more youthful appearance, detoxification, heart health, and improved circulation.

Wolfberry Benefits

The wolfberry contains many essential macro-nutrients, protein, fiber, and carbohydrates. Benefits include lower ph levels in the body, improved colon health, enhanced mineral absorption, stronger immune system, stabilization of blood glucose, longevity, muscle strength, vision health, and antioxidant properties. It has also been used as an aphrodisiac.


With its nutty taste, the wolfberry is used in foods and beverages. The acai berry tastes like a vibrant mixture of berries with a touch of chocolate. It is frequently used in juices.

Acai Berry Vrs Wolfberry

Both the acai berry and the wolfberry are functional foods with antioxidant benefits. The acai berry works well in beverages, while the wolfberry is better used in foods, yogurts and smoothies. The acai berry has exceptional properties and health benefits, but the wolfberry is a superior antioxidant-rich, nutrient-dense, and versatile berry.


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