Fun Ways of Making Nutritious Snacks for Children


Obesity is a problem not only for adults in the United States, but also increasingly in younger children. This has placed greater emphasis on proper nutrition from the time a child is born and can help him develop good habits he can carry into adulthood. This can be difficult for parents with time and budget constraints because making healthy meals can take a lot more time and money than the McDonald's drive-through. However, healthy kids' snacks don't have to be a chore and can be fun for the whole family.

Provide Choices

One way of keeping kids interested in snack time is to give them options about what they can have. While the other meals of the day tend to be a lot less flexible for obvious reasons, snack time doesn't have to be as long as each option is healthy. Before you make anything, tell your child which ingredients you have, such as celery and peanut butter or raspberry yogurt, then make what they prefer.

Use the Freezer

Frozen treats can make snack time special for kids. Make a frozen juice pop by freezing one of their favorite juices and putting a stick in each one. Mix juices together to give the kids a unique blend and add other garnishes, such as cherries or nuts, to add both flavor and make it more fun for them to eat. Frozen fruit works really well for this purpose as well.

Utilize Dip

Dipping foods is fun for kids. Low-fat ranch dressing and peanut butter are excellent dips for carrots, celery sticks and whole-baked crackers. Salsa is another good source of vegetables and vitamins but make sure the sodium level isn't too high and that it isn't too spicy. Other good nutritional choices are hummus, as long as the salt content isn't too high, and bean dip, which can be eaten with any number of snacks.

Get Them Involved

As much as possible, try to get your kids to help prepare snacks. It makes them feel involved and can be a fun family activity. In this case, the "don't play with your food" rule can be waived. If the snacks require preparation time, such as freezing, the kids can look forward to eating their culinary masterpieces, building up a lot of anticipation for snack time. The more fun they have making their snacks, the more fun they'll have eating them.

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