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Herbalife is a brand of health supplements, protein bars and shakes targeting people who want to eat healthier and lose weight by supplementing their diet with meal replacement products. Herbalife makes product lines that are geared toward different niches: weight management, healthy aging and men and women's specific nutritional needs. Choosing to use meal replacement products such as Herbalife can have advantages and disadvantages, but for those who want an easy, structured diet, Herbalife provides it.


Herbalife recommends a diet plan consisting of two shakes per day, one main meal, two snacks and some vitamins. Herbalife's flagship product is a shake called Formula 1, which is made from soy protein and comes in seven different flavors. The shake is intended to replace a meal and reduce the number of total calories eaten throughout the day. Other Herbalife products for weight loss include the Total Control herbal pills, which are include a blend of cacao, green tea, yerba maté, and several other herbs. These pills also have the benefit of revving metabolism, which will burn more calories without exercise.


The benefits of following the Herbalife diet plan is that it is carefully structured so that a person can meet all the necessary nutritional requirements while losing or maintaining weight. The shakes and pills are convenient and travel well for someone who is on the go. There is a wide variety of products and flavors from which to choose. Plus, Herbalife will get your palate used to eating healthy foods, and your body will adapt to a lower daily calorie count.


Disadvantages of the Herbalife diet include the considerable expense of all the products, if used everyday. In addition, you may get tired of drinking the same two shakes each day. Some people have a hard time tolerating a high-protein, low-carb diet, which is what Herbalife promotes.

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