Instructions for Re-Hydrating Seaweed


Seaweed or sea moss is a healthy addition to your diet. Seaweed can be used in a gelatinous form, in powdered form or cut up to combine with other ingredients for cooking or baking. Seaweed is dried to preserve it and make it last longer. It lasts up to a year in a sealed bag or container. Because bulk seaweed dries very stiff, scratchy and hard, it is necessary to rehydrate it for use in many food preparations. Seaweed is easy to rehydrate.

Separate Fronds

Separate the large clumps of seaweed or sea moss before you begin to rehydrate it. It will absorb the water or other liquid better if the fronds are split apart. Then put it in the water or other liquid used for rehydration. Seaweed or sea moss can be very prickly when dehydrated and cut or prick your hands and fingers. To handle it in the dried form, you may want to wear gloves.


Use a pan or bowl that is large enough to spread the seaweed out in. Soak the seaweed for 20 to 35 minutes. Make sure you cover it completely with the water. It does swell when it rehydrates, so make sure there is enough water for it to absorb. All the pieces of seaweed should soak up the liquid. Leave it longer if you test the seaweed and it still seems hard. Rehydrated seaweed is softer and much more flexible than dried seaweed.


Pure, even distilled, water is best to use for seaweed rehydration. To add flavor to the seaweed while it is rehydrating, you can use a flavored meat bullion or stock broth made fresh or from the can, if the seaweed is going to be used in a meat or soup dish. For rehydration in preparation for baking or for sweets and pies, try using flavoring that works as an ingredient in the item you will prepare. Fruit or vegetable flavorings may work well.

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