How to Take Acai Berry Powder


Acai berry powder is a supplement powder made from acai berries. It is a common version of acai, as it is portable and easily mixed with other foods. Acai powder has become popular because of the healthy properties of acai berries and the marketing of acai as a weight-loss aid. Follow some easy guidelines for mixing acai powder.


Step 1

Read the label to make sure you're purchasing high-quality, freeze-dried or extracted acai berry powder.

Step 2

Mix acai powder into your favorite snack or drink. Add it to fruit smoothies, yogurt, pudding, jello or even ice cream. Mix it acai powder into water for a straight shot. For proper amounts, consult the instructions on the canister.

Step 3

Store acai berry powder in your cupboard. Unlike acai berries or acai berry pills, acai powder doesn't need to be refrigerated to stay fresh.

Tips and Warnings

  • No scientific evidence exists suggesting acai berries have weight-loss benefits. Spring and drum-dried acai products have been developed in a way that destroys the healthy properties of the acai berry.

Things You'll Need

  • Acai powder
  • Water, yogurt, jello or smoothie


  • Acai Berry Powder
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