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Green magic is a form of paganism involving reverence and use of the Earth and its energies. Green magic draws its power specifically from the Earth and its elements. One of the largest branches of green magic is healing magic. Healing magic involves using herbs to make teas and salves. The herbs do much of the work; the magic comes in when the maker charges the medicine with loving and healing energies to help the herbs, not to make them heal.


A very simple recipe for an herbal salve is 1 part beeswax to 4 parts oil infused with various herbs. Choose any herbs you like for your salve and bruise fresh whole herbs or crumble dried ones into a good-quality oil. Olive oil, safflower oil, almond and avocado oils are all good choices. All of them contain vitamins that are beneficial to the skin and will help soften dryness and smooth away scarring. Simmer the oil with the herbs for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally so that the mixture doesn't burn. Meanwhile, melt your beeswax in an old pot. Good beeswax will be golden yellow and smell slightly of honey. It may be available a herb shop or New Age store. If not, you'll find it at most candle-making shops. Stretch cheesecloth or set a strainer over the melted wax and strain the oil into the wax. Stir them together so they mix thoroughly and pour them into a glass or heat-resistant plastic container to cool. Your container should have a wide mouth and a tight-fitting lid. This ensures ease of use and freshness.


Research your herbs before adding them to salves. If there is an herb with a high instance of allergic reaction, it is probably best to leave it out. However, there are herbs you will want to add to almost every salve you make. Rosehips are an excellent skin reparative, as are lavender and chamomile. Chamomile is especially good for treating burns and scars. Ginger and eucalyptus are effective for treating inflammation and pain. If harvesting your herbs fresh, make sure you have pictures of what you want to harvest so you don't get the wrong thing. Harvest only two or three stems from a plant and leave something behind to honor the plant's sacrifice. According to "A Druid's Herbal," tobacco, sage, a little compost or your favorite wine are all acceptable libations. This shows the plant that you don't take its gift for granted. You may also want to ask the plant's permission before clipping. If you get a negative feeling, move on to a more willing plant. For dried herbs, your local herb shop should have very high-quality unmixed herbs. Brand-name spices from your grocery store will also work well. They may be slightly older but the seals should keep them fresh enough that they retain most of their potency.

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