Energy Giving Foods for Convalescents

As we get older, our bodies lose energy easier than they did at a younger age. It is necessary to find ways to get through the day without getting completely worn out. There are certain foods that can help to do so. Luckily there is plenty to choose from. If you are a convalescent, you will see the change in your energy level from eating these foods.


Eating foods high in protein can give you energy. Foods such as lean meats, fish (salmon is a popular choice), beans, eggs, low-fat dairy products and nuts. Adding those foods to your meal can give you an energy boost.


The carbohydrates and fats that are inside of wheat can give you energy. Foods such as wheat cereals, pasta, wheat starches, like potato and wheat bread are all good sources of energy.

Berries, Fruits and Vegetables

Eat some berries, fruits or vegetables. Their natural sugars provide an excellent source of energy that will not leave you feeling run down an hour after eating them. For older people, who have trouble chewing fruits or veggies, try cutting them up first.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is not only sweet, but it has two energy-giving ingredients. It contains caffeine and theobromine.

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