Container Ideas for a Snack Mix Gift

A heart-healthy trail mix or a holiday popcorn and candy mix can be a great gift. Getting your homemade gift to your neighbors during the holidays means you need gift packaging that will keep your treats fresh, crunchy and edible for weeks to come. Consider using a decorative plastic storage container, a vintage cookie tin or an old basket filled with several different treats in small, resealable plastic bags. Whichever presentation you choose, you will keep your goodies fresh.

Plastic Storage Container

Purchase a plastic storage container from an online vendor, a bath and home supply store or a kitchen supply store. Look for clear plastic storage containers for dry goods, such as cereal, or plastic canisters with firm tops. Also, consider purchasing plastic containers with snap tops from restaurant supply stores. The clear walls of these storage containers make them ideal for displaying colorful snack mixes such as trail mix with colored chocolates or pretzels dipped in white or brown chocolate.

Vintage Cookie Tin

Fill a vintage cookie tin with snack mix. Recycling old cookie tins are an inexpensive, decorative and charming way to package a snack mix. If you do not have several of these tins at your house already, consider buying them from a local secondhand store. Look for tins that are still in good shape, meaning they aren't scratched and the painting or artwork on them isn't wearing off. Also, consider purchasing tins with whimsical scenes---Norman Rockwell paintings of family and holiday dinners, snow scenes or flowers, to name a few.

Gift Basket

Fill an old basket with several snack mixes placed in resealable plastic bags. This is a great way to reuse an old basket at your house. Again, if you do not have one you are willing to let go of, then consider purchasing one from a secondhand store. Make sure the baskets you use do not have broken or faded fibers. You may be re-gifting, but you certainly do not want to make it look like you are. Fill resealable plastic bags that you can purchase from the grocery store with several types of goodies.

Chinese Food Gift Box

Purchase several Chinese food gift boxes from your local craft store. These paper gift boxes come in a variety of colors and patterns and often have metal wire handles. Fill several resealable plastic goodie bags with snack mixes, and place them inside the Chinese food gift boxes. Consider layering the boxes with a little paper crinkle confetti, which you also can pick up at your local craft store.

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