The Best Ways to Cook Hard Boiled Eggs


Hard boiled eggs are a quick, healthy and delicious snack. Eggs contain about 70 calories each (depending on their size), and are nutrient and protein rich. But many people find it difficult to hard-boil an egg, or are unsure of how long the process takes. Consequently, this quick and easy snack is often overlooked. If you're unsure of how to properly hard-boil an egg, learn the necessary steps and the amount of time it takes to reach an ideal egg consistency.

Preparing Your Tools

Eggs can be hard-boiled in a variety of cooking mechanisms, including pots, pans, skillets and even ceramic dishes. Although any of these tools can be used, the most efficient cooking mechanism is a medium or large saucepan. The pan should be large enough to hold the eggs in a single layer while still being able to move during the boiling process. The pan should be filled with water until there is an inch above the top of the eggs, then set on a high heat until the water begins to boil. In addition, the pan's top and a pair of tongs or a colander are necessary to extract the cooked eggs and drain any remaining water.

Cooking the Eggs

The pan containing the eggs should be brought to a boil and then immediately removed from the burner once the water begins to boil. The pan should be covered and the eggs should rest in the hot water. Large eggs should sit in the hot water for 15 minutes, while medium eggs should sit for only 12. Avoid lifting the lid of the pan until the alloted time has passed, as this may release heat and slow down the cooking process. Once the necessary time has passed, the pot should be drained using a colander to reserve the cooked eggs, or the eggs should be collected using a pair of tongs.

Enjoying and Storing Your Eggs

Many people enjoy hard boiled eggs warm, but eggs can also be chilled and enjoyed. To chill your eggs, run the egg under cold water until shell is cold, or place shelled egg in a bowl of ice water. Eggs can also be refrigerated for up to five days. In addition, you may enhance the flavor of your hard boiled eggs with salt or pepper, or you may extract the yolk and combine in a bowl with mustard and mayonnaise to create deviled eggs. No matter how you enjoy your eggs, be sure to make hard boiled eggs more often for a healthy and delicious treat.

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